Cosmetic dentistry kept simple

Cosmetic dentistry is the whole area of the art of dentistry that deals with the issue of making the teeth look attractive. In this area, the key to success is making the right diagnosis and coupling the right treatment to the problem that exists.

Teeth generally appear unattractive for one of  two reasons. Either they are in the wrong location or they are the wrong size, shape, or colour. If the teeth are in the wrong location; this is an orthodontic problem and orthodontic problems always require orthodontic solutions. If the teeth are the wrong size, shape or colour; this probably requires a restorative solution. Actually, teeth that are the wrong colour can be bleached. This has been done successfully for decades now and there are many good systems available. To correct teeth of the wrong size or shape; the simplest means is to bond composite restorations on to the teeth to achieve the right shape. Veneers can also be used but this is a lot more complicated and while it produces good results there is more maintenance involved. Crowns my also be the answer if the teeth are heavily restored or badly decayed but this has become quite rare in the twenty-first century.

A final word of caution, where esthetic dentistry treatments can run into trouble is when dentists try to apply a restorative solution to an orthodontic problem.