Mission Statement

Our mission is to work in co-operation with our patients to achieve a high level of dental health by the simplest means possible and to maintain that high level of health throughout life.

It may seem to some that we are taking the idea of prevention and wellness to an unhealthy level but as you read through the website you will see that there is more to dentistry than we thought a few short decades ago.

Welcome to our website.

Our dental team has worked long and late to assemble a clear picture of dentistry in the twenty-first century. A lot has changed in recent years and we want our patients to stay abreast of the latest developments..

For our patients of long standing; we have tried to tell you all that is new and important. But as you go through the website you will find that there is so much important new material that it would take hours to tell it all. You have no doubt heard us voice our concerns about how any dental infection, even minor periodontal disease, can cause systemic diseases such as heart disease. However, as you go through the entire section on “Systemic Diseases” you will see how massive this whole area of concern really is! We cannot begin to explain all of this to you at a regular re-care appointment. However, if you do find an area that is of concern to you; we will make sure that the matter receives all the time and attention that it needs.

As you look through the “Procedures” section you will find that we have strived to find the simplest way to treat or prevent most problems. But there may be things like “Sleep Disorder Breathing”, Diabetes, or “Children’s Dentistry” that we might not have discussed as much as we should have.

For new patients or even prospective patients, take your time and browse around through the site and see what we are all about. All dentists practice a little bit differently. Start by reading our “Mission Statement”. Then meet our team in the “Staff Bios” section. Check out some testimonials in the “Reviews” section. And, then get down to the heart of the matter in the “Procedures” and “Systemic Diseases” section. The great thing about the internet is that it allows you to “Look before you leap”. The dentist – patient relationship is serious business and often it is a relationship that lasts for decades. So, know what you are looking for and then go find it. (Remember that location, location, location is a big deal if you are buying a condominium but it is not what really matters where your health is concerned!) Some of our thoughts on the dentist – patient relationship are discussed in the “Shared Responsibilities” section. Good luck and we hope that you enjoy our website.